Wednesday 02nd September, 2015 
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identifying marks: Discipleship church

Colin Dye

Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh. This absolutely astonishing fact is the foundation for everything that we know of God in the New Testament. The Father has never so fully revealed himself than in Jesus Christ. Without him we would never have seen God's Word so perfectly in action. But the revelation of the Father through people did not end with Jesus. In fact, he set up a chain reaction, communicating his love and making his Word visible through every follower of Jesus from the days of the New Testament until today. Jesus demonstrated what putting God's Word into action looks like and left us his example to follow.

In a similar way, James reminds us that merely hearing the Word preached is not enough (James 1:22). We must live it out in our lives. This is at the heart of Jesus' call to discipleship. But how do we go about it in an intentional way in the Kensington Temple Community and the wider London City Church?

The simple answer is that we structure our church into small groups of people who stand together in fellowship, support and reach out to their friends. As we connect in these "cell groups" we learn about one another's challenges, dreams and aspirations. All this centres on Christ and his will for our lives.

Putting God's Word in action begins each Sunday when we hear the Word for the day presented in the church services. We now have four services each Sunday where the identical message is preached. We all hear the same Word at the same time and, therefore, we can all move together at the same pace.

Following the Sunday Services, the cell group members work through the message and see how they can apply it practically. That way we help each other stand firm in the Word and make it a reality in our daily living. God's Word is set in motion and is seen, fleshed out once more in real people's lives.