Saturday 25th October, 2014 
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Going Deeper

Our Dream

Colin Dye

Every October we welcome many new people into our church. Students, young professionals, families and others new to London come looking for a spiritual home. What do these people from all cultures and nations find in KT?

I would like to think that they find a sense of belonging and discover true spiritual community. The Cell Vision makes it possible for every KT member to connect with others in real discipleship. This enables every believer to grow spiritually and reach out in practical and relevant ways to those who have not yet found Christ. I would hope they discover a church where the main thing is not music, slick platform presentations or superficial sermons affirming everything and demanding nothing. Following Christ in today's world does not always make you a popular person. Our quest is for authentic faith and we are not prepared to compromise just to look good in the eyes of others. The growing trend in modern Christianity is to conform to the world's ideas of success, prosperity and feel-good spirituality.

I would be pleased to discover that people who join KT do so because they are hungry for God and the authentic experience of getting to know him. Because they want this above everything else, church becomes about sharing life together and not just about being blessed by the Sunday worship and preaching. In all of this people become equipped for ministry in the market place and prepared for mission to the nations.

I would be grateful to learn that people come to KT to experience God's presence in the midst of our joyful celebration gatherings and also to form meaningful relationships as the Holy Spirit binds our hearts together in the small groups. These cross-forged connections incite us to love and good deeds. When Christ-crucified is at the centre, sacrificial service and relevant witness soon follow. The greatest need of the world is to see Christ lifted up in the lives of authentic followers of Christ.

I would be thrilled to hear that newcomers to KT would be drawn by the warmth of our welcome, the sincerity of our desire to glorify Christ and the quality of our pastoral care. Broken people find wholeness, the weak become strong and the disconnected find purpose. We can have great programmes, brilliant preaching and efficient administration, but without love we are nothing.

Am I claiming that we are all these things? Not at all. But I know we aspire to them and we are on the way to becoming all that I have described above. If you are longing for a church like that and are serious about making this dream a reality. KT is the place for you