Saturday 06th February, 2016 
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Set free for service

Noreen Siu Richards has been a Kensington Temple for 15 years. She told Revival Times about the transformation that the Lord has brought about in her life and the ministry she has founded in Hong Kong.

I was plagued with sickness, emotional wounds and experienced panic attacks for almost the whole of my adult life. I had converted to Catholicism at the age of 12 but eventually, I lost my faith and turned to occult activities .I became very confused and thought heaven consists of many gods.

My health broke down in 1993 and I was gripped with the fear of dying when I was taken to hospital. One of my close friends brought her pastor to pray for me and I accepted Jesus. Then, one morning God filled me with his Holy Spirit. He opened my eyes to know that he is the one and only true God. I was so touched.

As my health got better, I started to go to church on Sundays. I started to seek God and after three months I was completely free on the panic attacks. My family moved to London in 1998 and the Lord led me to Kensington Temple in 2002 where I was nurtured and grew in my Christian walk.

I appreciated the counselling sessions I had. I went on the Encounter weekend during which I was set free of much bondage in my life. I then joined the 10 weeks Living Free course, after which I was able to properly experience the love of Jesus in my life. It was at Living Free that I learned how to maintain my walk with the Lord. The course healed and transformed me and laid the foundation for my future work in the Kingdom. I also started Mastering Leadership and a few of the Sword of the Spirit courses before God called my family back to Hong Kong around 2006.

In 2008, I enrolled in a Bible college and graduated with a Master of Christian Ministry in 2010. God had his plan way before I knew anything. During the last part of my study I took up modules on inner healing and deliverance for my practical work. I witnessed many healings and miracles in the people God sent to me - healings of acute diabetes, glaucoma, and depression.

In 2011, a few asylum seekers and refugees came to my group. These people were not allowed to work nor were they financially supported sufficiently by the government.

Simultaneously during the year, the CEO of a charitable organization for cancer patients approached me to help people with cancer. I felt a calling of God and founded the New Wine Ministries Hong Kong in September 2011.

To date, many cancer patients are saved, healed and delivered through the Alpha program, inner healing and deliverance session. A Christian fellowship group has also been established in the cancer centre since May, 2012. Members of asylum group also found new meaning in their life in Jesus Christ. They felt loved and cared for through us and each other. We want to thank Pastor Colin in supporting the vision and consecrating me and the New Wine Ministry Hong Kong to the Kensington Temple church on August 12th, 2012. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for leading and guiding this ministry! Amen.