Sunday 07th February, 2016 
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Calling all Parents

Dear KT Parents and Parents-to-be!

Have you ever felt you would like to stop being a parent for a day or two?

Well don't feel bad if you have - all of us as parents, if we are honest, have had those thoughts at some stressful point in our parenting career, which is why I am writing to you to give you some great news and to encourage you to put this very important date in your diary: Monday 4th March

This is the second course that we will be holding following last year's course when many of you commented on how helpful and relevant you found the teaching and that you gained highly valuable information which has made a real change for good in your families.

In this day and age it appears that parenting is becoming more and more of a challenge for many families, whether Christian or non-Christian. Perhaps you are struggling with behaviour problems with your child, or perhaps you are not sure how to react yourself in certain situations and need practical advice and support. On the other hand maybe you are simply seeking more knowledge in how to enrich your relationship with your child. The Parenting Children course provides practical and insightful information and advice from both Bible-based teachers and renowned Child Psychologists.

As parents we need to have a sound parenting focus for our families. It is not the case that one size fits all, remember that Psalm 139:14 tells us that we are all wonderfully and uniquely made. There are too many experts who would seek to put forth their ideas and philosophies which may conflict with our biblical understanding as parents, so we do need to know our position as a parent.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent but there are certainly ways to make parenting an easier and more fulfilling task. If you are a parent or are expecting a child then I would really encourage you to register for this fantastic course.

The course last over five weeks, we start at 6.30pm with a light meal and by 7pm we are ready to get down to business through until 9pm going home time.

Within the two hours there is an opportunity for some group work and questions. Look forward to seeing you there.