Friday 12th February, 2016 
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This was your Life

The Most important decision you will ever make...

Each year Kensington Temple takes time at Easter to present the gospel through creative means, and 2013 is no different, This year the Easter production is This Was Your Life. It is a hugely evangelistic piece that saw a great number saved in 2011. Most people are familiar with Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames as an Easter production - it has a number of short sketches that show some people going to heaven and, sadly, others going to hell as a result of them either saying or not saying the salvation prayer and accepting Jesus as Lord of their lives.

This Was Your Life was birthed from a Jack Chick publication. These tracts are a powerful form of evangelism. Through the use of scripture and story in a cartoon format they tell a harsh reality. With this as a template we created This Was Your Life the production. In it we follow the journey of 2 guys, both of whom had died. One had not accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and so through multi media the guy (Jay) stood with the angel and saw his life played back to him. He watched the way he had chosen to live and saw what it actually looked like. He learned that his choices did not match up with scripture. He saw how he had lied, gossiped, stolen, been unmerciful, deceived, been a hypocrite, a God hater, a false accuser and back stabber - to name just a few things.

He also learnt that sadly his name was not in the book of life. Then Jay got to watch how the other guy, Michael, accepted Jesus as his Saviour and saw all the good works that he fulfilled. Jay saw how upon death, Michael went straight to meet with his Father. Jay, our main guy, had to watch all this and face the harsh reality that he wasn’t saved and wasn’t going to heaven and in the end we see him take that painful and lonely walk to hell.

We watch as the reality hits him - of the way he lived his life, how resentful he was and realises the mistakes he made - and wants to make amends. However; sadly it is too late and Jay has to accept that he is going to hell. We watch Jay as he takes his painful journey - how he started out quite confident and cocky with a lot to say until he becomes the solemn and sombre character by the end of the production. Finally, we see Jay walk into the flames and hear him cry for mercy!

Although the subject is serious, the production has some light moments. This comedy and the dancing do not compromise the truth - and that isn’t a pretty sight, but a true one that often even we as Christians need to be reminded of.

This year we want to put on this powerful production again but also develop it a bit more. We are looking at perhaps, instead of a young man, a couple that haven’t accepted Jesus and how things turn out for them as they watch their lives, the way they have behaved towards each other and God and then sadly as they did not get saved they will be heading to hell. They will see a couple that made a different decision and even through the hard tims; stuck with God and the reward that they received as a result of this. We will see the lonely journey to hell that they will each take as they will not be going together!

This Was Your Life is a strong and visual presentation of the gospel. It is a great tool to reach the lost and also a great reminder for us in the kingdom that sometimes we can slip up and are not quite as holy as we would like to be or think we are. Just allowing ourselves to be ministered to also and enjoying that refreshing reminder that we serve a faithful and Holy God. Let’s really start to mobilise our friends, prayers of 3, family. Book time with them now and tell them that you are taking them to see a theatre production. For those involved in the production or know someone in it, then use this as an even greater opportunity to bring people to support and see the show. Let’s make this Easter a fruitful one where we really see the harvest of people that we have been praying for and believing for their salvation.

This Was Your Life doesn’t have a happy ever after for everyone - it faces the truth based on scripture! It is our responsibility to tell those that we know and love and care for the truth, so that they also can look forward to eternity in heaven!

Please do pray into and support this production and we look forward to seeing you there with your friends and family. We look forward to a powerful multimedia presentation of the gospel and the salvation of a great harvest. This Was Your Life Easter weekend at Kensington Temple don’t miss it!