Tuesday 09th February, 2016 
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Boys2Men: Raising Godly Men for Christ

The Boys2Men program is an opportunity to see, consider, address and confront key issues that every man will encounter at some point in their lifetime. As a team member, I have been privy to the symbiotic relationship that occurs between mentor and m

When we went back near our tent, we all held our hands for prayer and reflection for what we had done during the weekend. The leaders gave us their words of how well we'd done over the two days that have now ended and how we have all grown into men, aspects [of men] that they've seen in us. As the night streaked on, I realised that God had made a little bit of change in me towards dealing with my peers and having the confidence to see things that are truly there, and by having a triumphant heart knowing that you can make a breakthrough by the one word that sums it up: Faith. Faith works by seeing things that are not perceivable but believing the things seen by God himself. - Jemie Imo, age 14

Above are just a couple of testimonies from the Boys2Men course, which is now entering its fifth year. Since 2009 not only have we seen the lives of young men transformed, stretched and challenged in their quest for Godly manhood, but we've also seen father and mentors rise to the challenge and make deliberate efforts to guide their sons and mentees to Godly manhood, after all, hearts of the father are to be restored to their children and vice versa (Malachi 4:6). Boys2Men is based upon the biblical principal of a Jewish boy entering manhood at the age of 12, which is considered the age of responsibility. Starting from the first event in March until their graduation in December, the young men are put through a series of challenging weekends and workshops.

The first event is the 'Father&Son Breakfast'. Held at an upmarket hotel it's a great course introduction, icebreaker, and bonding session for the young men and fathers. Following that in May is the 'Kings Workshop' where the young men are stimulated to see themselves as kings. Those that desire it are baptised in June. Next up in August is the Wilderness Weekend, with an emphasis on responsibility, discipline and teamwork, as well as outdoor activities. September welcomes the Purity Workshop where they are challenged to think as the Lord instructs regarding sexual purity as opposed to conforming to the world view. The penultimate event is the encounter in November which acts as a spiritual clean up of anything during the year that the Lord may have highlighted in their lives. Finally their graduation in December is a time for their family to behold the men they've transcended into.

The fathers are also encouraged to play a key role during this year by spending additional time with their sons with a focus on this aspect of their development. We know that for various reasons not all young men may have a father present in their life, so we have a team of willing and enthusiastic mentors who can step in the gap. In addition, the events are supplemented with two books and a manual.

Boys2Men has been a well received and much valued programme over the years. The impact of Boys2Men has been far reaching, well beyond the realm of the young men and into their parents, cell groups, siblings, schools, colleges, and universities. Boys2Men is a valuable tool which complements our young men as they take London and the world for Christ.

Here are some quick facts on Boys2Men;

•Almost 70 young men have participated since 2009

• Events continue throughout the year

• Several young men make a faith statement by taking a stand to remain pure prior to marriage (and beyond)

• One of the young men gave this life to Christ during the Wilderness Weekend of 2011

• A father flew in from Nigeria specifically to attend the Father Son Breakfast with his son in 2012.

• We are now taking on applicants for 2013. If you or your son/brother/ nephew/grandson are currently in year 8 (aged 12 to 13), and desire to enter manhood as God intended, then Boys2Men is for you!

Please contact either Chinedu on 07956 351778 or Janice in the KT Kids Department on 020 8799 6178, email Janice.donowa@kt.org for more information. Please note that the first event is on Saturday 23 March, so the application deadline is MONDAY 11 MARCH 2013.