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Three Signs Prophecy Fulfilled

In October 1998, Colin prophesied about three signs shown to London, which spoke of God's judfement over this city and nation. Eleven years later all three signs have been fulfilled, with the last one, a fire in the City of London, taking place on 5th February. Prophetically, it is significan that the College of Arms ravaged by the fire stores the arms of coats and pedigrees of the nation.

Here are the three signs and how they occurred. Clearly, God is speaking to us and we should be deeply concerned.

Our Senior Minister Colin Dye spoke about the three signs at the Grace for the City prophetic evening in Wembley Arena in October 1998. He told to the 5,000 people present that these three signs were a warning of the judgment of God upon the city.

Sign 1 - Hammersmith Bridge

"There will be a major incident relating to a bridge and consequent traffic disaster. And God says: 'This city traffics in sin, and the bridge to me is broken.'" This sign prophesied by Colin in 1998 was fulfilled on 1st June 2000, when a bomb exploded underneath London's Hammersmith Bridge. It was a serious incident that brought traffic chaos as the damaged bridge was immediately closed to the public.

You can read more about the bombing of the bridge on the July 2000 issue of Revival Times available at

Sign 2 - Sewage and water supply

"There will be a judgement concerning the water of this city. It will affect our water supply and sewage. And God is saying the stench of the sin of the city has reached his nostrils."

This was the second sign Colin spoke about at the Grace for the City event. The impact of torrential rain and flash flooding on the evening of Tuesday 3rd August 2004 fulfilled this second prophetic sign.

The fulfilment of the sign was covered in more detail in the September 2004 issue of Revival Times also available at

Sign 3 - Fire in the City

"Fire is coming to this city. It shall strike in the heart of the corrupt financial institutions. God will send that fire to show that the fire of God's judgement has come." This was the third sign that Colin spoke about in 1998 and now it has been fulfilled. On 5th February this year, fire broke out on two floors of the College of Arms in the City of London. Eight fire engines were needed to extinguish the fire at the six-storey office building surrounded by the financial institutions in Queen Victoria Street, south of St Paul's Cathedral.

Like never before, the corruption of these financial institutions has been revealed for the nation as banks are being bailed out with the taxpayers' money and yet hand out multimillion bonuses for their bosses.

The coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families are held at the College of Arms. These really are the symbols of the nation.

The records at the College of Arms also include official copies of the records of Ulster King of Arms, the originals of which remain in Dublin. The officers of the college specialise in genealogical and heraldic work for clients and are therefore called heralds. In 1484 heralds, who worked for the monarchy and noblemen, were given a house in Coldharbour in Upper Thames Street to keep their records. When Henry VII came to power in 1485 the building was taken away from them. In 1555 they were given the current site where Derby Place stood. Derby Place was gutted in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the current building was built at the site in the 1670s.

Yet more grace for London

In 1998, Colin emphasised that warnings concerning God's judgement must be seen as signs of his love and grace as Peter puts it in his epistle, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9)

God gave Colin a vision of his grace for London for the first time in 1991. It was a vision of an angel carrying God's grace for the city and pouring it over London. At the Grace for the City event in 1998 Colin spoke of the Lord's promise saying that God had yet still more grace for this city. Then he broke down before the crowd as he described the rest of the vision.

"London is surrounded by seven other angels - not of mercy but of judgement", he said.

Judgement was coming to London because God's anger was aroused by the sins of the city. Colin described the sins shown to him in the vision and called upon the churches of London to repent. Then he said that the Lord was going to send three signs that would confirm that judgement was coming to London. Now, these signs have been fulfilled. At the event, Colin also stressed that prayer and repentance would soften the effects of the signs. But they would still be there for the discerning to see.



During Grace for the City event people prayed that the impact of the three signs would be softened. Thank God this has happened - nobody has lost their lives because of these three disasters! Now it's time to pray that God would release his grace upon the city of London so that none would perish, for eternity. Time has come to take the Good News to the people of London. Now it is time to be a light wherever you go in this city where the dark clouds of judgement are already visible on the sky.

If you weren't at the Grace for the City event in 1998 and want to see the original prophecy you can get a copy of the DVD recording of the event from the KT bookshop.

Colin will also be writing more about the fulfilment of these three signs and what God has in store for London in the future issues of Revival Times.