Sunday 14th February, 2016 
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Miracles, Signs and Wonders

All over the world God is moving in revival power. From Asia to the Americas, Africa to the Far East dramatic testimonies abound. Yet these testimonies are no longer limited to far away nations and continents.

'Gold' covers Colin Dye's hand after a powerful meeting in Sweden'Gold' covers Colin Dye's hand after a powerful meeting in Sweden

This year alone, we have seen significant manifestations of God's miracle-working power within our own network. The appearance of 'gold dust' on people's hands and faces during services and the phenomenon of 'gold' teeth, caps and even 'silver', 'amalgam' and 'diamond' fillings in churches across the country all testify to a new move of God in our midst.

New spiritual level

The Revival Healing meetings at the Royal Albert Hall in April were a benchmark in our spiritual experience of God lifting the entire London City Church onto a new spiritual level. Signs and wonders more familiar to our ministry in developing nations were in evidence. Scores of people testified to healing from deafness, lameness and many other conditions.

In addition, we have seen thousands of people swept into the kingdom of God as regular congregation members have turned evangelists and taken to the streets with the gospel of the Kingdom. When Jesus walked the earth, healing was an essential part of His ministry. It demonstrated the power and mercy of His heavenly Father. Two thousand years later, God is still demonstrating that power.


And yet not all are so convinced. British scepticism is hard at work - both inside and outside the Church. As some church leaders have sought publicity for the miracles, the secular press has been largely dismissive of what's happening. One newspaper considered it a form of "Millennarian Madness". The Christian press has given the 'gold' reports a mixed reception, probably reflecting the different attitudes held in the British church toward the miraculous in general. Some grapple with the 'theology of it' wondering what it all means, and whether 'God would do this kind of thing anyway'. Others welcome anything that points to the supernatural God in the midst of a rationalistic and unbelieving society. All are amazed that such things are being reported here in Britain.

'Gold teeth' miracles in Brazil'Gold teeth' miracles in Brazil

It's happening here!

As long ago as 1992 our mission teams to Brazil have brought back news, eyewitness accounts and stories of first hand experiences of the 'gold' phenomena - not to mention the stream of miracles that seem to be straight out of the book of Acts. For well over a decade the ministry overseas has reported miracles of the blind seeing, cripples walking and a staggering range of other miracles. But now, with these events becoming much more common in LCC's ministry in Britain and Europe, it's clear we are in a new season of miracles.

A 'Superhealing' for Robin!

Robin's testimony from USA is an example of God's sovereign move of healing today...

When 'Superman' actor, Christopher Reeves, broke his neck in a riding accident he was paralysed from the neck down. But when Robin Ballow of La Marque, Texas had a similar accident, she walked into her church two weeks later to testify of her healing! She walked unaided - a living testimony of God's healing power!

Robin herself describes the accident: "On Friday, November 6th 1998, my daughter and I met at the barn for our usual horse ride. We rode for about a mile until we reached afield lined with trees. I rode close to the trees, but misjudged the height of a heavy branch. As 1 swerved to avoid it, the branch caught the top of my head and knocked me off my horse. My daughter rushed to my side and saw that my head had been torn open and my skull exposed. She immediately began to pray and say repeatedly, 'No weapon formed against you shall prosper'. At this stage we did not know that my neck was broken.

I felt perfect peace as I was taken to the hospital. It's hard to describe but I felt as though the goodness of God had enveloped me. I didn 't struggle with fearful thoughts. The Holy Spirit encouraged me to believe God for total restoration of my body. And I did." The same supernatural peace surrounded Robin's husband, Butch, when he heard about the accident. The doctors called him on his mobile phone and told him that his wife's neck was broken in several places, and that if she survived, she'd spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. At the hospital, the doctors had put Robin in traction. According to their diagnosis, even surgery would not be able to repair her bones. People from her local church began to arrive at the hospital to pray.

The doctors offered her little hope of healing, but Robin's hope was not limited by their report. She fully expected God to heal her and the very next day He intervened.

Indian evangelist ministers to crippled boyIndian evangelist ministers to crippled boy

It's a miracle!

"At three o 'clock in the morning, the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit heard the sound of bones popping in my body" Robin recalls. "They brought the doctors in and rushed me to do another x-ray. The results of the x-ray showed that my neck was completely in line and the spinal cord was undamaged. God had lined up my vertebrae perfectly. The doctors were astounded, they said it was miracle."

The following Wednesday Robin was able to have the necessary surgery. This would have been impossible if God had not caused the vertebrae to come together. The surgery was a tremendous success.

"I was the fastest person to go through the hospital's rehabilitation programme - completing it in just three days. Glory be to God! " Robin concluded.