Thursday 11th February, 2016 
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Gospel to all Peoples: Italy

The boot-shaped Italian peninsula dominates the Mediterranean Sea. Italy also includes the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italy's three millennia of history and culture have probably had more influence over the development of the western world than any other nation - through its language, art, law, politics and of course, the Roman Empire (the largest the world has ever seen). In recent decades Italian leaders have developed a reputation for scandal and corruption. The infamous Sicilian Mafia and Neapolitan Camorra control much of the country's wealth and have influence in every level of society. Of course, Vatican City in Italy is the home and head of the world-wide Catholic Church.

Millions of refugees use Italy's coastline as an easy entry point for the rest of Europe.

The Pentecostal movement has grown mainly through the immigration of believers from Africa and South America. The bigger and fastest growing Pentecostal churches are in the south of Italy while in the north the ethnic churches are multiplying - but they are not mixing with locals and have the service in their own language. The central of Italy (known in history as the Vatican kingdom) has only small churches and divided. In Rome we count 150 Evangelical Churches but they are divided in many denominations and groups. The biggest churches in Rome are the Ethnic Churches while Italian speaking Churches are small. Attendance in the Catholic Churches in Italy has gone down from 59% in the 2000 to 47% in 2010 and in the Pope has decreased from 77% to 46%.

Answers to Prayer

There are growing numbers of Christians in some parts of Italy - Calabria, Sicily and Naples. Churches are beginning to work together more to reach people in Italy and abroad.

Challenges of Prayer

The Catholic Church is in crisis - with less people coming to church and falling numbers of priests. At the same time the number of charismatic Catholic churches is growing. Pray that millions of Italians would have a living, exciting and life changing relationship with Jesus, instead of dead tradition. Occultism and Satanism are widespread in Italy, one the main global centres is in Turin. 100,000 full-time magicians in Italy out-number Catholic priests three to one! Pray for godly, humble and compassionate leaders in Italy who can be an example in their lifestyle as much as their words and inspire people to follow Jesus and love Him more. There are few churches in the richer, northern cities of Venice, Milan, Turin and Bologna.

Prayer Focus for Rome:

  • The main need in the church and community is a strong move of the Holy Spirit that will remove religious prejudice and put the hunger for the Word of God.
  • The Roma City Church is working in evangelism through the cells and street evangelism and also in preparing disciples with the Living Free and Sword of the Spirit material that now is available in Italian.
  • On 15th to 25th June we will host a Porto Rico mission. There will be spiritual warfare in the city and street evangelism in the university campus, main Rome's squares and in the community where the church is located.
  • Pastor Dilkumar from Dubai will hold another Miracle crusade in February 2011
  • The need is for Leaders for the cell groups to disciple the new members and for the Church to make an impact in the local community.
  • We need prayer for many people to be reached with the Gospel through our outreach and special revival meetings. Pray for strengthening of the church as we have mostly new believers; that God will raise them into Leaders.
  • Please pray for a great harvest of souls in 2010, Rome is in desperate need of a revival.

What is KT doing in Italy?

One of the largest Italian Pentecostal churches is in Sicily with around 4,000 members, it is following the discipleship cell model of church. Pastor Colin and the KT team have visited this church regularly since 2007. We also work with churches in Sicily that are teaching the Sword of the Spirit.

We have a church in Rome called Roma City Church which is led by Pastor Claudio and Daniela Ferro. The work started in Rome just after the year 2000. The church has recently just gained its own premises and currently has a congregation of around 20-30 people. The team recently decorated the premises and they now have regular services each Sunday. Claudio has a big vision for Rome and Italy. He has linked with many pastors and leaders in Italy since he moved there and has organised missions and crusades for Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke and Steve Hill. These events have had a huge impact on the city of Rome and stirred many of the believers.

Many of the churches remain small and the challenge is discipleship. This year the church started a Saturday Bible School with a few students but unfortunately it has not continued due to deterioration in attendance. However there have been some great testimonies this year.

Plans for 2010:

  • On 17th – 19th September there will be a 3-day crusade with Evangelist Scuoppo from Evangelist Anacondia Ministry in Rome
  • The church will host Evangelist John Maasbach from Holland for a week of street evangelism during the summer
  • Re-launch the Bible School in Rome with new students.